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Papua New Guinea can aptly be described as the most interesting country on the globe! Making up the eastern half of the world’s second largest island, PNG, as it is commonly known, is constantly in the crosshairs of volcanoes, earthquakes and gigantic tidal waves. Visitors and expatriates moving to Papua New Guinea are stunned to know that more than 700 languages are spoken by the indigenous tribes populating the country. The majority of the population lives in isolated tribal groupings located in rural areas with barely any contact with other groups. Farming is the main source of livelihood for the local inhabitants. Rich in rainforests and mineral resources, PNG attracts entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world and especially from Australia. Located to the north of Australia, in the Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea enjoys a special relationship with its southern neighbour. Australia contributes in large measure to develocargo shipping to Papua New Guinea, for transporting their household and personal belongings. In fact there are a number of companies offering services that specialize in delivering freight to Papua New Guinea. Since mining and timber logging are major industries here, companies are on the lookout for reliable transporters who can competently handle equipment and mining gear shipping to Papua New Guinea. However delivery of cargo by sea takes relatively longer time and where speedy transportation of essential components and spare parts is necessitated, there are ample options for delivery by air cargo to Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea also attracts tourists in search of the pristine wilderness. The sight of smoking volcanos and gigantic waves crashing over the jagged coastline is an awe-inspiring sight that visitors vouch for. Researchers and film makers regularly embark on study and filming expeditions to document the untamed beauty that studs the timeless serenity of Papua New Guinea. Depending upon the scale of the project and volumes of cargo to be shipped, freight service companies offer a variety of options for individuals and corporate customers.